Friday, September 19, 2014

Katy And Taylor Feuding + NiNi Eyes Huge Mansion + Update

Multiple sources report that once good friends Taylor Swift and Katy Perry are now involved in a bitter rivalry that reportedly began over Katy's ex boyfriend John Mayer. Taylor is said to have made some foul remarks which her manager denies, and another says she was just joking. She was heard saying "That man is so cute, don't know what he saw in Katherine" Some sources say she never said anything like that, but many say she did, whether joking or not, and Katy didn't appreciate it and she fired back by posting "Who's the top 10 hottest in the game? Me, Taylor.....oh wait did I say Taylor, sorry she can't be in the hot category, nothings hot about her, that would be the loser category lane 4 sweetie :)" Since then the two have publicly been feuding in the public eye, but so far no fights have happened. Taylor is also friends with Selena Gomez, and reportedly, Taylor is trying to interfere between Katy and Selena's friendship, but Selena publicly denied any participation in their feud nor is she taking any sides. NiNi also publicly spoke out about their feud and famously added herself to it when she posted "Its amazing that someone on her level really feels the need to go up against someone of her level, crave attention sweetie?" Taylor fired back to her posting "Let me get dropped I don't care that don't scare me at all sweetie, why don't you let your so called buddies fight their own battles, why are you even speaking up on anything, if you want a problem, I would love to give you one, mind yours boo boo :)" So now NiNi is involved in a feud with Taylor Swift. But before you guys go down talking NiNi agreeing with Taylor that she should've just stayed out of it. NiNi only went after her because her and Taylor have been having tension for the longest ever since Taylor publicly said that NiNi thinks she is too good to do a song with her, so NiNi just felt the opportunity to get at her more. Videos of these public encounters can be seen here. In other news, sources say that NiNi is eyeing a $850 million dollar mansion in Malibu California. We got word a few days ago that she was thinking about leaving Atlanta and its said that her new spot is going back her home state of California. Pictures of the mansion have been leaked on line and the media says that she is in the process of buying it soon. NiNi will be in California for at least 2 months when her threesome tour "Legends"with Tinashe and China begins on December 4th so it only seems right to move out there for the time being instead of traveling back and forth. It is unknown if she is buying the house or just renting for the time of the first part of the tour. NiNi hasn't been very active lately, its said that she is very busy working on both her new movies as well as her new album which is due next Wednesday September 24th. PSR however has been very busy, the biggest story of the week so far though, is the story about RiRi being back with Breezy. I told you guys the other day it was a possibility but I wasn't sure, now I'm positive. Breezy recently went on the Jimmy Fallon show where he was rocking RiRi's chain and when asked in a joke if they were back together he smiled and said "You know we cant stay away from each other" and the audience cheered. It sure as hell seems like they can't stay away from each other as this is the 4th time they broke up and got back together. Click here to see Breezy acknowledge their relationship on the Jimmy Fallon Show.....
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