Friday, September 26, 2014

"NT" Hottest Album Ever

The New York Times as well as the LA times and other reputable outlets are calling NiNi and Tinahse's new album "NT" the hottest of the year and Global calls it "The hottest album from NiNi in her entire musical career" The album that we have all been waiting for is finally here! "NT" hit the shelves around midnight today and quickly sold out within 33 seconds from Walmart, Kmart, Music World, Target and other retail stores. By 1am this morning, "NT" has so much buzz and has sold over 888 billion copies in America alone, overseas sales total over 198 million copies so far, thus the album is certified diamond platinum 6 times and the numbers in America and overseas are still climbing. The album has reached "Number 1 Album" on the billboard charts. The album is produced by NiNi, Tinashe, Just Blaze and DJ Envy and has 18 all original tracks. There is one solo song from each, number 7 is Tinashe's solo song called "Lowriders" and number 15 is NiNi's solo song called "Profit" all the rest are collab songs. The albums has no features on it, the only collabs on it are just those two together and they make great music together. The most popular songs on  the album are number 8 "LA" which was the 2nd single and we saw the wonderfully made video, number 6 which is "Show Me Where Dem Drinks At" which is beyond dope and number 18 called "Dangerous" which is some bomb chopped and screwed down south type style music and they both go "Eminem Fast" on it. The album is being praised for its word play from both artists, its originality, its message and of course the swag  that both women put out and it has not received one bad review so far. As I write this blog, the numbers are climbing and its expected that by the end of the week, "NT" will be the highest sold album that NiNi or Tinashe ever did. The album is available on NiNi's site:, Tinashe's site:, the PSR site: and on Itunes and retail music stores worldwide for $11.99, free shipping if you order it from either one of the websites. The album includes photos of both in the booklet as well as the video to every single song on it (which we didn't even know they did) so you get alot for a little. N and T are both scheduled to appear at a music conference and a collab interview to discuss the album sometime this week and they both are scheduled to appear at the 2014 Hip-Hop Awards,although it is unclear at this time if they will be performing together or solo. Their tour, called "Legends" with China, begins December 4th starting in Tinashe's hometown of L.A expanding over 33 U.S states and over 12 oversea countries, ending sometime around October of 2015, so we will be seeing alot more of them soon. Tinashe's contribution to this album has skyrocketed her into high royal fame success, and anyone who was doubting her talent or her place with PSR are rethinking their doubts, because Miss Tinashe is now high level Royal and apart of NiNi's circle. You can check out my full detailed review on "NT" where I break down and explain each track by clicking here. Click here to purchase "NT" by NiNi and Tinashe, or head into a local retail store and get the hottest album of the year. Congrats to N&T what do you guys think about their new album?

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