Tuesday, September 9, 2014

NiNi And TIP + Beauty Really Impresses As A Solo Artist

Lots of new material and info coming from PSR lately. Earlier, Lola and Kelly killed with their newest song, now its another song that's killing and its by the queen Ft her old buddy TIP. We aren't sure if this is from her upcoming album because Tinashe isn't in it, and the album is supposed to be just those two, so it could just be a random single or maybe from an upcoming mixtape. The song is called "Chop Shop" Its straight ATL south and its pretty much all about cars. They both rap hella good, but TIP kills it with his signature style of complicated word play and fast rapping. NiNi though, does very well as well with her signature of throwing words around and using super dope punch lines. The song has stolen the number 1 spot, which Miley took a few days ago with her newest song. The song is down south rap and has a really nice beat, said to be produced by Soulja Boy. The song is blowing up huge and knocking everything out of the park. Click here to check out "Chop Shop" by NiNi ft TIP. In other news, Beauty is becoming the next Michael Jackson or Beyonce. We say that because Michael and B both left their group and blew up even bigger which made people say that the Jackson 5 and Destiny's Child was holding them back, and Beauty is no different. She left  The OMG Girlz about a month and a half ago and since then she has been blowing up even bigger then when she was with them. The OMG Girlz haven't been heard of lately, but Beauty is dominating the game and everyone agrees that she is so much better without the other two holding her down. Beauty and the OMG Girlz were not royal status, they were just "Dope" status, but now Beauty is royal status which means she is apart of NiNi's annoying secret circle (no offense guys) and she never had that title when she was with her "sisters" Beauty is ready to release her first solo album on PSR, but we aren't sure of any titles or dates yet. Congrats girl, seemed like you did need to break free of the nest. Click here to check out Beauty's newest song "About That Money" which killed the charts when it first released.......P.S sorry guys comments section bugging today



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