Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Lola Monroe + Kelly Clarkson

Today a new song released by Lola Monroe produced by Birdman called "I Got It From My Mama" and it features Kelly Clarkson. The song released early this morning and has been doing well in the game coming in at number 2 on the charts. Lola and Kelly are preparing to release albums. Lola's 3rd PSR album is said to be coming sometime in late November, early December and Kelly's 5th PSR album is said be released late December, early January. Kelly sings on it, and Lola raps on it very well. Its pure rap, but Kelly's singing goes well even though its rap. The song is being requested all over and is said to be in line to be played at nightclubs. Click here to check out "I Got It From My Mama" by Lola Monroe Ft Kelly Clarkson. Speaking of Kelly, we would like to congratulate her on bringing her new daughter River into the world with her long time boyfriend. She has released of her and she is so beautiful, click here to see little River,.....
Lola Monroe

Kelly Clarkson

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