Monday, September 8, 2014

Katy Perry And NiNi Said To Be Opening A Southern Joint In ATL

Buddies are teaming up to do more then more then music. Its said that NiNi and number 2 are teaming up to do a collab, but not a music collab, a restaurant collab. Its said that they are opening 2 soul food restaurants in downtown ATL, and in Katy's hometown of Santa Barbara CA. The story broke out from super close sources to PSR and its said they will have all of that good southern food that we all love and at affordable prices. Its not known what the restaurant will be called, but on 268th ave in ATL its a building that has for the longest  time, been deserted, but the for sale sign has been taken down and construction workers are beginning to work on it and its possible that that is the location. Also in Santa Barbara, a building on West Hollywood BLVD is currently under construction as well. Its said that the ATL spot was $898,000 dollars to buy and they both went half on it, and the SB spot was a little over $700,000 dollars and once again they both went half. From what the sources say, both spots will have the best soul food that you can ever have, and it will be super fancy, as in waterfalls with fish in it, giant flat screen TV's, games, pool, and everything else that a super royal celeb can think and lets face it, NiNi and Katy are the most royal fancy celebs you can find and they both go all out when it comes to Fancy, Katy is the one who fancied up the PSR building so think about it. Its said that the ATL spot will be having a grand opening sometime in January of 2015 and the SB spot around the same time, but don't expect to see the owners there, unless its a special event or a signing. The project is already underway and many people in ATL and in SB are excited to eat at the besties restaurant and its highly anticipated. Its many soul food restaurants in ATL, but this one is expected to blow all the rest away especially since its owned by famous celebs. Residents of ATL and SB,  keep looking out for the restaurant it should be dope. Speaking of Miss Perry, she's another one  that added herself onto the "PSR Albums Coming Soon" and she is said to be releasing her 4th PSR album on her 30th birthday October 25th. That is also very highly anticipated. Its alot of good things coming from PSR, whether it be albums, tours, clothes, or restaurants and dope investments and all PSR is doing is getting more popular by the second. When their new soul food spots open, we are trying both, how about you guys?
Katy Perry

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