Sunday, December 22, 2013

T,Marie Challenges NiNi

Today PSR artist T.Marie AKA Miss Marie has challenged her own boss to an album selling competition. Miss Marie is working on her 2nd PSR album as of now and NiNi is working on her 9th PSR album and they both are scheduled to release around the same time in 2014, and today T.Marie said this "I challenge my own boss, yup but this is just a friendly competition between two girlfriends, so please I really don't wanna hear of any beef because its far from that, its just  that she talks a lot and she know she does about queen this queen that, and the challenge is I bet I can sell more records then her for this next album, and whoever loses has to wash the others car for 2 days straight, it may sound crazy to yall but this is how we get down, and she has already agreed to it and we good so the bet is on, and I want all the fans to follow this closely and we will see, its not cocky but we gonna see I know you guys are counting me out already since babygirl has been doing so well lately, but I might have a few tricks up my sleeve (laughs)" We are looking forward to this so called battle and we are waiting to see who will do better, so far this is how the polls look:  over 95% say that NiNi will win and over 38% say Miss Marie will win, but although miss Marie is a very talented artist and has sold millions of albums since being with PSR it seems that no one is able to top NiNi, so we have to see what happens. Who do you guys think will win this album battle, NiNi or Miss Marie?


johnny1 said...

nini is better but u never kno tho she might actually pull it off

johnny1 said...

Nini gon win plain and simple