Friday, December 13, 2013

The End Of The Year Fight Has Happened!!

Everyone was expecting one last fight from NiNi before the year ended and its like it was right on cue! Yesterday afternoon she returned from South Africa where she was doing a tribute to Nelson Mendela and she did a quick show for 25 minutes in Houston Texas and after it was over she told fans that she and her buddy will be in America from now on no more overseas for a while. After the show was done Nivea met her in the back and said no one cares where she will be. The two almost fought but B and security once again broke it up. But NiNi was tired of having stuff broken up. The fight was stopped but NiNi wasn't done, she waited until the crowd cleared out and the security guards left and it appears that Nivea did the same thing and after about an hour when everyone was gone they met up out front and even though it was freezing in the low 30's they threw down no coat no hat nothing. A few fans saw it from across the street and after a couple minutes a large crowd gathered around and of course people jumped in to help the beloved queen not that she needed help. But one girl grabbed Nivea by her hair and her tracks slipped out and started punching her repeatedly  but Nivea gave her one good punch and the girl went tumbling backwards. Other people were poking her with sticks kicking her and throwing things at her like heavy rocks while she was down on the ground getting hit by NiNi, so Nivea was getting hit all over by more then one person, so its safe to say she definetley lost that fight. The fight lasted for about 22 minutes and someone recorded it on their video camera. A sheriff happened to be riding by and saw all the fans crowded and naturally they got out the car to see what was going on and saw the two fighting. NiNi was still rolling around on the ground with her socking her and Nivea was going her hardest to fight back but she just couldn't. NiNi looked very mad and she had tears don her face and blood on  her hands which came from Nivea's mouth. The sheriffs ran over and grabbed NiNi and she socked the cop on accident and he grabbed her tight and escorted her away from Nivea. The other cop went to check on Nivea who at this point was unconcious and breathing very slowly and he radioed an ambulance. The officer who grabbed NiNi is a fan and he knows that Nivea has been starting with NiNi every time she sees her and everyone knew it was just a matter of time before something like this happened. Despite the fact that NiNi hit him which is a serious crime and she violated her probation by fighting again in public, the sheriff didn't snitch on her and he let her go with no ticket no fine nothing but a warning, seems as if he gave her a good XMAS gift as if he would've snitched to her P.O she would've been locked up for 10-12 years, and he asked her if she needed medical attention she said no and he called up her limo and they took her away and then the officers cleared the enormous crowd away. Nivea was put on a stretcher and taken to the hospital where doctors aren't sure of how serious her wounds are but they do say she has severe head trauma. The entire fight was caught on video and it was uploaded to Youtube where it has been viewed by over 62 million viewers and has over 77,000 comments. That's all the info we have for now but this is still a developing story so check me out later for more, but we know one thing, we definetly see a beef getting started right after Nivea gets out of the hospital......what do you guys think? Right or Wrong?

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