Saturday, December 21, 2013

Ravaughn Zendaya and Brianna Perry Team Up For A Song + RiRi Releases New Mixtape

Today, Ravaughn, Zendaya and Brianna Perry teamed up and dropped a mega collab song together titled "Fly" This is a really cool song and all 3 women do amazing together. The song is a empowering song about freedom and happiness and its pop mixed with R&B mixed with a little rap its a bunch of mixes going on in this song and the final result came out amazing and its receiving positive reviews although it didn't hit the number 1 spot its at number 3 which is still a good position nonetheless. Click here to check out "Fly" by Ravaughn Ft Zendaya and Brianna Perry . Also a new song has released by Ann Margaret Ft Taylah P called 'LA Boys' its about exactly what the title says and even though its about mostly boys, its still a cool song with a cool beat produced by Beauty. Click here to check out 'La Boys" by Ann Margaret Ft Taylah P. In other news, RI RI has released her 7th PSR mixtape titled 'Bumpy Road' its a mix of her famous swag girl pop and hip hop as well as some R&B and its doing well so far selling out over 490,000 copies within 2 hours. RI RI has been doing amazing and everything she touches or does turns to gold which is pure royalness for you. The mixtape is available on her iTunes the PSR site and her site for 2.99 click here to purchase "Bumpy Road" by Ri Ri.


johnny1 said...

both songs are whack in my opinion

johnny1 said...

and you are whack In my opinion both songs are dope and ri ri dropped a bomb mixtape so to hell with u

johnny1 said...

nini u need 2 bring yo ass back and stop ur dumb ass artists from dropping dumb ass material 4real