Saturday, December 14, 2013

Diamond Drops New Album! + Nicki Drops New Mixtape! + Ke$ha Drops New Song!

Today Diamond released her 3rd PSR album titled "My World" It dropped around midnight and it has sold 100,000 copies so far which according to industry standards is platinum so she is doing well so far. The album is mostly rap with some Krunk and southern style hip-hop thrown in and its dope. It features NiNi, Snoop Dogg, Big Sean, Ye, Lil Wayne, Drake, Shanel, Tyga, D.Woods, Asia Sparks and Ke$ha and our favorite track on the album is number 12 which is hard south rap. The album is available on her site the PSR site and iTunes for 8.99. Click here to purchase "My World" by Diamond. Another PSR artist who has released some dope material is NICKI MINAJ. She released her second PSR mixtape titled "Street Hustle" despite the title its not many street songs on it she went different and put more R&B songs on it similar to "Right Thru Me" and its only a few of her signature rap songs but regardless its a badass mixtape complete with 13 original brand new tracks. It doesn't feature anyone on it its just all her solo, but she does well by herself. She uploaded the mixtape on her site and the PSR site for $1.00 and so far has sold over 97,000 copies and the number is continuing to climb higher. We like it and we give it 9 out of 10 stars. Click here to purchase "Street Hustle' By Nicki Minaj. Also Ke$ha released new material today titled "We Do What We Do" and it features her fiancĂ© Big Sean and its a pretty dope song, we like it, its a combo of Pop from her and Rap from Sean, its gaining positive reviews and we give it 8.5 stars out of 10. Click here to check out "We Do What We Do" By Ke$ha Ft Big Sean. Speaking of Ke$ha its rumored that her and Sean got married over the weekend for her Birthday which was the 7th and that she is expecting her 1st child with him but that is unconfirmed......Also bad girl Honey Cocaine is rumored to have been suspended from PSR for 6 months but this is also confirmed......

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