Friday, December 13, 2013

Kelly Clarkson And China Throwing A PSR XMAS Party! + Someone Finally Beats Out NiNi's Album!

Don't get too excited guys, because we think this party is just for the PSR family, which means no one not even myself is invited. Its more or less just a reward for all of their hard work and lets face it they all deserve it.  The party is scheduled to take place in Chicago at the New Ballroom that was recently built and according to sources there will be many holiday treats and of course food, not sure about alcohol or NiNi's famous hash brownies, but seems like it will be fun. The party will be on December 15th at 7pm security will be beyond tight so please guys don't get arrested like before trying to sneak in. Paparazzi, cameras nor the media is allowed and I fall into at least one of those categories so I'm not sure if I will be able to get you info, but being that NiNi's is a close friend of mines, she may do a little exception for me, but I will let you guys know when the time comes. In other news, ever since NiNi released her 4th studio album "No Looking Back" it sold in the billions and trillions and then 2 more after that which was "My Sisters Keeper" and "24" which as more or less a mixtape and an album put together, they have also reached the unknown mark, and nobody ever passed her, but today the billboards have a new name as number 1 for most albums sold and its her buddy B. Beyonc√© released a self titled album not too long along with a whopping 31 tracks.. the most in her entire 17 year career and she is now at the unknown mark which means its no word for how many albums she has sold. NiNi's album is like that too, but B has sold at least 67 billion more. Today NiNi tweeted "Congrats to my girl B!!!!! queens run the world you suckers need to hop up on our level 4real! LMAO!! JP! Sources also say that B received an invite from NiNi to Join the team a few months ago but she politely declined which has made many people call her the dumbest woman alive but we are sure that she has her reasons. Congrats to NiNi and B for being the only two artists with the highest amount of albums sold in the year 2013 we wish them both the same or better success in the year 2014! In fact many say this XMAS party is a way not only for the artists to kick back and relax for once, but also to congratulate their boss on her mega success this year, and if that's the case she definitely deserves it have fun queen!

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