Monday, December 30, 2013

Katy Perry Gets Arrested For NiNi!

Many times, NiNi has said that Katy is her best artist and she is the main one that is down for her and that she is like her best friend, and today she proved it by taking the blame for something that nini did. We all know that NiNi is still on probation for her constant fighting and with that came a curfew of 12 midnight, well last night she was out past midnight closer to 4 in the morning and her P.O found out and reported her to the police. The police arrived at PSR at 4pm this afternoon looking for NiNi and when the artists found out that she violated her parole by being out late Katy Perry stepped in and took the blame saying that she was the one that kept NiNi out past her curfew because it was her birthday week, and she said that NiNi insisted on leaving but she wouldn't let her go, so she was arrested for interfering in a parole situation and she was arrested and given 48 hours which is 2 days in jail for her interference. But we all know  that isn't true as Katy was off from work yesterday but we wont tell the cops that. It just goes to show that NiNi's artists are really down for her even to the point of getting arrested for her, some people say they are stupid to be that dedicated to her, but we feel its really good being that she is very dedicated to them also. Katy will be out after the new year on the 2nd, how do you guys feel, do you think she is stupid for taking the blame for her boss or do you think she is just a good artist and very loyal to her boss? In other news, speaking of NiNi, she released a new song yesterday that was leaked for the first time in over a year titled "Drinks Up" and it features Jay-Z the song isn't finished yet but its gaining national attention and getting great reviews, click here to check it out!

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