Thursday, December 19, 2013

CiCi Drops New Outfit + Details On Honey

Today Ciara added a new outfit called "CiCi's to the P.W Line. Its basically a sweat suit set with diamonds (yes real diamonds) sewn into the fabric and its available in many colors and it comes with her signature on the back of everyone. The Cici's are selling for $375 but considering the fact that its over 500 dollars worth of diamonds and her signature on them its well worth it. They recently dropped around 9am which was two hours ago and so far they have sold at least 5,000 pairs so far as many people are buying it for Christmas. Click here to check out Ciara's "Cici's" In other news, the other day we told you sources were reporting that Ms Honey Cocaine was suspended from PSR for 6 months, that's true and untrue, its untrue because it isn't for 6 months but it is true that she was suspended but its only for 6 weeks, but she isn't the only one, Asia sparks also has been suspended for 6 weeks. Why? come on guys you know why, say it with me "FIGHTING" Mmm Hmm they had a massive fight not too long ago and broke many things inside of the PSR building including a very valuable personal item that NiNi owns in her office, and when NiNi found out she immediately dropped both but considering both of them are doing so well, Miss Tina convinced NiNi to just suspend them, and being that Tina has never steered NiNi wrong before she took her advice and suspended both for 6 weeks. So now it seems to be 2 beefs that's about to pop off, the first is these two girls and the second of course is the queen and Nivea who is still in the hospital by the way, and its more then one report saying that Miss Honey and Asia were involved in another fight today after they bumped into each other in Long Beach, CA. Stay tuned for more info.......

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