Friday, January 8, 2016

NiNi Wins!!!!!! + Next Uppers

The queen of the "Monster's" may have beat NiNi yesterday in the "1st part" But the queen of the game and the "N's" bounced back and like she said "I'll win the Second Part" and yup she did just that. Her album continued to be ahead of GaGa's all yesterday and last night, and last night it began getting further and further ahead. The bet was over by 1pm and by 1pm, NiNi was ahead by over 59% which officially makes her the winner. GaGa wasn't a sore Loser though, she tweeted "So proud of you, dope ass album Mami, tutor me ok lol" NiNi replied "yours was dope too, I was scared for a minute lol. Gotta collab more DEF!" Is another collab coming from these once upon a time enemies?  We fucking hope so and so do both their fan bases.  Let's hope and wish.  In other news,  next up in the #JanuaryReleases is 2 albums.  1st is Miss Marie with her 7th PSR album titled "Lowdown" pretty cool produced by herself.  Click here to see my full review, get stats, info and purchase links for "Lowdown" by Miss Marie. And the 2nd is Karmin.  Learn all you need to know about that here. Next is said to be Keri Hilson and RiRi.  Stay tuned

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