Tuesday, January 5, 2016

GAGa Challenges NiNi To 2 Things

The two are cool now, but just like her artists do from time to time, GaGa has challenged her buddy to a war and it's two events.  1st, She's challenging her for a fashion event.  We all know NiNi dresses very fly, but GaGa turns heads with her.................creative outfits (like meat hats) and her "Little Monster's" go crazy over them) She wants both to dress their best and see who the crowd votes better. Next of course is the now famous album challenge.  Since they both have albums coming this month she wants to see who wins in sales. Loser goes live on TV and admits defeat (yup that's all) NiNi won against KP, lost again Tinashe but will she win both against GaGa?  Millions of fans are excited about this, it's trending on Twitter,  Insta And Fb and has its very own hashtag #NiNiVSGaGa.  Guess what, NiNi accepted the challenge posting "It's On Bitch @LadyGaga (don't get excited that's how they play with each other) Gaga responded "Get your game face on ho you're going down!  ;) Are you guys excited? We sure are. Stay tuned, we'll give you more info as we get it..........

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