Sunday, January 10, 2016

NiNi Denies Gaga Date Rumors, Confirms Bisexuality Rumors

For some reason, it's said that GaGa and NiNi are a thing.  But NiNi has settled that posting "Me and @LadyGaga are really cool but that's all. GaGa didn't speak on it which has fans thinking it's still possible just NiNi doesn't want it public yet. This comes only a couple days after the Kylie incident and once again fans wouldn't mind seeing a NiNi Loves Kylie or a NiNi loved Gaga.  In other news, we all knew NINI was bisexual, but she never actually confirmed it. We'll today she did. During an interview with Vybe , she was asked "so you have a husband yet you had a girlfriend, would you consider yourself bisexual? "She replied 'Damn you don't know that by now? Yes I'm bisexual, I love women I love men, but my husband knows what's up, and he knows what that means.  Click here to see her interview.

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