Saturday, January 9, 2016

Millions Of People Turnt Up On Insta For Kylie Tweets

Since NiNi responded to Kylie's Insta pics, Insta has been buzzing. Since she and tyga broke up and since she confirmed she likes girls,  and we all know NiNi loves girls, billions of people have been commenting on NiNi's comments to the pics. Things like #KyNi are going around and many fans encourage a relationship and no one is against it at all. NiNi and Kylie didn't reply directly to all this chaos but they both posted something subliminal on the insta. NiNi posted a pic of Kylie in a wedding dress and captioned it "Guess I'm Getting Married Again Lmao" Kylie posted the exact same thing but with A pic of NINI in a wedding dress and the caption "I hear wedding bells" Both pics are fake obviously since neither one of them have ever been snapped rocking a wedding dress, but NiNi's pic received over 2 billion likes and Kylie's pic received even more than that (queen of Insta) We know it's all a joke and no one is taking it seriously believe me but fans actually do feel they'll make a cute couple. We do too but hey this isn't about us. Click here to read all the comments and chaos NiNi's comments on Kylie's pics caused (no not in a bad way. ......and P.S NO THEY ARE NOT TOGETHER AND EVERYONE KNOW THEY'RE JUST MESSING AROUND PLAYING) Just for those who actually don't know......

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