Thursday, January 7, 2016

GaGa Wins Fashion Event + Race For The True Win + New Music From Kat

Yesterday was the 1st part of the Epic battle between 2 of the biggest names in the music industry and it took place in Manhattan Nwe York in front of over 10,000 people.  They both modeled 5 outfits each and it was a mix between GaGa's "Little Monster's" and NiNi's "N's" and after 2 hours they both modeled their 5 outfits, and GaGa went weird on 3 of them (one was made of actual steak) the other 2 were normal. NiNi came out in her own brand Platinum Wear for the first 2 which was dope and fly, the last 3 was Tom Ford, Derion and Dior. After the judges collected the votes they stood side by side, and they announced "AND THE WINNER OF THE 2016 FASHION EVENT IS.................. (DRUM ROLL) STEPHANIE A.K.A LADY GAGA!!!!" The two hugged it out but NiNi had one last thing to say. She asked for the mic and the crowd quieted down. She said "I dress great but my music is even greater" (the crowd cheered then quieted down again) Then she faced GaGa and said "Babygirl don't get cocky.........Cuz we all know who's winning the second part" (which is ironic because GaGa's newest song is called"2nd Part" so you get why she said it like that) The crowd went wild cheering, screaming and clapping when she said that because they understood it too.) Gaga smiled at her and NiNi dropped the mic and walked off the model stage. Then she had something to say herself.  She screamed out "3rd Part Sweetheart, I'll make a sequel!!!!!!" The crowd once again went wild and she left the stage. It was really a cool event. Click here to see it. In other news, speaking of those two, they are in their "second part". They both released new albums today.  NiNi added herself to the #JanuaryReleases with her 15th album titled "Fury" and just like Fury it is FURIOUS. She goes extra hard and it's almost all rap. It's DOMINATING the music charts at #1. But how does Miss Stephanie look?  Well she dropped her highly anticipated 13th album "Karma" today and that too is dominating. She is right behind NiNi literally. NiNi has sold 4 million 85 copies so far and GaGa has sold 4 million 83 copies so far,  so although NiNi is in the lead, GaGa can pass her since she's so close. We'll know when the "War" is over which is tomorrow which is when it ends and whoever has the most by 6am, wins.  Stay tuned. Also Kat and her little lovey dovey lovebird Alexis dropped a new song today which is a remake of Whitney's greatest song "I wanna Love You" It's really bomb and it's getting great reviews. Click here to check out "I Wanna Love You" by Kat Ft Alexis.

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