Monday, December 29, 2014

Taylor Is Up, But Police Still Aren't Happy

Ever since Taylor was viciously beaten over 2 1/2 weeks ago, cops suspected that NiNi and KP were the two who were responsible, but they had no evidence, so they had to wait until Taylor was up in order to get her story and hopefully finally put the two divas behind bars. When she woke up today, Police were happy and rushed to the hospital to hopefully get evidence to arrest NiNi and KP, after all, cops wanna see NiNi locked up more then anyone, but Taylor didn't give them much help and she say she has no idea who put her in the hospital. It got to a point to where a nurse said that one cop was so frustrated he threw things and broke things inside her room screaming "Goddammit, you know it was Nisha or Katy, you fucking damn well know it was!, why are you protecting them when they did this to you, are you that stupid, tell us now it was them right, IT WAS THEM RIGHT!!!!!????" He went close to her grabbing all on her really trying to get her to say one of their names (gosh seems like he really wants to lock those two up) But Taylor kept her story and said she doesn't know. The cops had to be escorted out of the hospital by Sheriffs due to how they were behaving. According to Taylor she doesn't remember anything, and doctors say she may be suffering from Amnesia due to the extreme Trauma to her head, but she is now up and physically she is OK. They plan to keep her for a couple more days to observe her, and if she is still doing good, they will release her. The two officers who went to visit her have been suspended and her family has requested a restraining order against them. Cops are supposed to do their job sometimes by any means necessary but because they want to finally lock up NiNi and their burning desire not to have a royal celeb not get away with everything because of their status, they went too far and they had their badges and guns taken for 2 months for bashing a trauma victim. Both officers have apologized to Taylor and her family. Being that Taylor isn't speaking, NiNi and Katy are still in the clear, but the entire Police department still thinks that either NiNi or Katy or maybe both had something to do with Taylor's assault whether directly (aka themselves) or indirectly (aka a hired hit) and they are still at the top of the suspects list, and the chief says that eventually they will get them. At this point though, there is not enough evidence to try them for a charge, no evidence to arrest them, no evidence to try and take them to court to have a jury decide, no probable cause, basically NO NOTHING, so they would love to say that NiNi better not leave town, or don't have your party, but they cant say ANYTHING to her. NiNi however is suing the Atlanta PD for harassment as she claims that they have been coming to her house beating on her door at 3am and trying to get a confession and disrespecting her as well as threatening to lock her up for life. The lawsuit will go to trial after the new year and its many fans who are protesting against the PD. The commissioner apologized for the actions of the officers but that didn't work and its turning into a racist thing, so obviously all of this is getting beyond crazy. Maybe we'll never know who brutally assaulted miss Swift, but cops seems to already know and in their minds its NiNi and/or Katy. Click here to check out all of the articles surrounding this story, including the harassment to NiNi and the lawsuit and pretty much everything else........

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