Wednesday, December 31, 2014

NiNi Buys 50 Million Dollar Ranch House For Sister

Bling Bling! Money ain't a thang! At least not when it comes to the queen. She visited Thailand today and fell in love with this adorable little ranch house. Its 23,000 square acres complete with 5 outdoor pools, 3 waterfalls, a chocolate fountain, 67 private butlers and servants, a basketball court, a track field, a yoga field, a lake, a private ocean (yes I said OCEAN) a private boat (a 1976 yacht) touch screen access (gates etc) her own private helicopter landing pad, and her own private helicopter. Its a beautiful place no doubt, but its not for her. Paparazzi approached her and said "Wow this is a beautiful place, you must be proud of yourself" and she replied "Oh I am, but its not for me, its for a young intelligent beautiful young woman who is my best friend who I love to death, my sister, she doesn't travel much especially not this damn far (laughs) but she is a wonderful person and I'm sure eventually she will visit and when she does, she has her own place to come to, she deserves it (smiles) NiNi is a good big sister, as you can see. But other then that, NiNi's NYE party is tonight starting at 5pm. We've just found out that the queen doesn't care if camera's are in there so therefore I will get you guys pictures and all the details for tomorrow. No fans are not allowed to come, sorry guys, but at least you get the details right?


johnny1 said...

shit wish my sis was like that

johnny1 said...

thats a nice ass place

johnny1 said...