Monday, December 29, 2014

NiNi's Party Is All Over The World

Besides her music, amazing performances, incredible stage presence creativity and sometimes wacky antics, the queen is well known for her famous parties. When she throws a party, no one leaves unhappy or bored, she makes sure everyone is turned up which is why everyone tries to get invited every time she has one. Her New Years Eve party is getting bigger and bigger by the minute and its now the biggest topic in America and overseas, and sources say that famous people overseas like musicians, actors and dancers are trying to get invited to her party.  The party begins at 5 at the New York Plaza Hotel Ballroom in Manhattan New York and it is said that over 500 people are already on the guest list. Its an all white party and all of her famous bells and whistles will be at the party. Fans are also trying to get invited to the party, but so far the queen hasn't announced if any fans will be invited. Security and police presence will be tighter then tight and we are told some huge A list names will be in attendance and this party is expected to be her biggest one ever, bringing in the new year. There will be live music, dancing and much more excitement. Fans are however, allowed to be outside of the building (which I don't see the point of) but until the queen says differently, they are not allowed inside. Anyone unauthorized to be at the party, will be arrested and/or fined no less then 100,000 dollars. Invitations must be shown to security at the door and invites must be in all white or they will be refused entry unless the queen allows them in. News of this party has reached as far as China and beyond, which is the farthest her parties have ever reached so obviously this is huge. 2 more days, we get to bring the new year in with the queen and we cant wait. It is unknown if camera's will be allowed, but if they are I will get you guys pictures and give you all of the details. The staff at the Plaza Hotel have already began preparations for this massive party, and sources say that they have already began putting up decorations such as glitter, party balloons, New Years decorations and more, and they have expanded a little bit to accommodate the large crowd. The hotel can fit at least 1000 people into its massive ballroom easily, but with NiNi, her parties usually have over 5,000 people or more, so knowing that, the hotel has expanded the ballroom to fit more people. Check back on New Years Day for details on what is looking to be a historic mega party!

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