Saturday, December 27, 2014

MiMi Continues To Try And Make Peace With NiNi, But NiNi Obviously Isnt Interested

NiNi and MiMi have been beefing since the start of NiNi's career, but after a handful of diss songs and exchanging harsh words back and forth, earlier this year, Mimi reached out to NiNi and told her she no longer feels its worth it and she wants to make peace and offered up a truce, and sent her a 12 page apology letter over NiNi's Twitter, but the queen to this day, has not accepted any truce or responded to her in anyway. Now MiMi is trying again to make peace with the queen. For Christmas, she posted a Christmas card on her Twitter and wished her and her family a Merry Christmas and once again, in bold letters she put at the end: "Truce?" NiNi hasn't responded to her, .....instead, within hours, the card and message was deleted off of the queens page, probably by her. Then about an hour later, she sent yet another post to NiNi and she said "Collab? Truce?" She didn't delete that post, but she still didn't respond to her. Over the next 2 hours, Mariah continued to send her posts that went unanswered,  and after 2 hours she finally stopped. Obviously the queen just isn't interested in a truce with her right now, especially considering they had the longest beef in history, only second to the G-Unit and Murder Inc beef, and their beef was even more bloodier then her and Gaga's beef, so we can imagine it might take a little time for the queen to accept a truce and a collab with her. Do you guys feel that NiNi should put the past behind her and accept a truce since Mariah is trying, or do you feel she has every right to ignore her? Click here to check out her tweets to NiNi....

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