Monday, December 22, 2014

Seems Like Reggie Is In A Beef Too

First the twins, Tegan and Sara (who are getting bloodier by the way) then Cymphonique and Jessie J yesterday (no more details on that yet) now it seems Reggie has a beef started with Madison Pettis. If you don't know, Madison is the little girl who played The Rock's daughter in "The Game Plan" But the beef didn't seem like it was meant to start as a beef, as usual someone had to open their mouth with an opinion that has nothing to do with them just like Jessie did yesterday. Madison tweeted "Listening to "6 foot 7 foot, 3 years later that still bangs, I love Wayne, but God he has so many kids like cant keep it in your pants huh, its ridiculous to have that many kids, and I bet all of them are brats lol" Naturally, Reggie being one of those kids took offense to that and she responded "Umm who are you? and why are you all up in his? You must be joking with that brat thing, we all know what's up with you on set, don't even use that word because you define it to a whole new definition" Madison responded "@REGGIE, I apologize I was just joking, is that what you wanna hear?" Reggie responded saying, "Whatever ugh, how fake was that y'all? Guess that says alot" They continued exchanging words with each other, but being that Madison is only 15 she didn't get violent or cuss, in fact their beef didn't get loud or violent at all like most Twitter beefs go, so this might not get huge, but then again that doesn't mean anything. Its not a huge thing because it only lasted about 22 minutes, but everyone is on Reggie's side, and not just because how big she is getting, its because everyone (including us, no offense)  feels that Madison should've just kept that to herself and it wasn't even worth mentioning, like what was the point of it? Wayne also responded to her, but more in a playful way and said "Yeah yeah yeah, I tend to have that effect on women #swagsobright Actually probably another popping out soon" (damn dude) Anyways, Madison didn't respond to that. So for now, we cant actually confirm that its a beef between Reggie and Madison, but its starting out like how all beefs usually start and that's over Twitter, stay tuned for more info....

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