Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Sonic Adds New Burger In NiNi's Name + Keri Hilson Announces New Album

Today, Sonic announced they have added a new item to their menu and its called the "NiNi Deluxe Cheeseburger" This isn't the first time that NiNi has had things dedicated to her in her name. In London, there is a NiNi St, and in India there is a "NiNi Ave' and Rutgers College had a whole course in her name as well as naming a rare mosquito and virus after her due to both being fierce. The new "NiNi Deluxe" is a 4 patty burger with 4 thick slices with cheese and to make it fierce like her, they add the spice, it has chili sauce and jalapeno sauce, along with letters tomatoes, onions, mayonnaise an ketchup served with a pound a spicy chili and cheese fries. The new addition sells for $5.99 as a combo which comes with a drink, or you can get it for $3.99 for just the sandwich. People immediately began trying it and says that its the best item that Sonic has on their menu and its attracting many people. Have you guys tried the new "NiNi Deluxe Cheeseburger" yet?  It is unknown if NiNi is sponsoring the new sandwich, but she will be getting paid thousands for every burger they sell since its in her name, that's a pretty tasty deal.....In other news, Keri Hilson has announced that her 3rd PSR album will be dropping soon. She didn't give any dates or a title, but her fans are excited, and honestly so are we, Keri is bomb (and not only in the obvious way :)) Click here to check out her announcement.
"NiNi Deluxe"

Keri Hilson

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