Tuesday, October 7, 2014

MiMi ProposesTruce With NiNi

Since NiNi first started her career back in 07', its one name who she has always been beefing with non stop and that's MiMi (Mariah Carey) and throughout her whole career, the two women have been bickering back and forth and making diss songs back and forth to each other. But today, MiMi announced that she no longer wants to continue it over her Twitter. This is what she posted "You know something, I woke up today and something hit me, I've been involved in this pointless battle for so long and I'm finally wondering why, honestly I don't even remember why it started in the first place. I'm just not for it anymore, we both have a job to do, and it might sound weird, but I have much respect for her and how she handles her business both professionally and non-professionally. I extend a friendly truce to @NINI, girl I want to end this, I hope you're on board, we're both grown, and this has grown petty and nothing short of ridiculous. #MUCHLOVE-MIMI" NiNi has not responded to her post yet. Do you guys think she's for real? Or is she being sarcastic? We think she is being sincere, but of course you guys don't care what we think right?


johnny1 said...


johnny1 said...

i think its real

johnny1 said...

maybe it is, but Im sure nini wont go for it