Wednesday, October 8, 2014

PSR Introduces PSR Bot

A new 4 Ft 8 robot called the "PSR Bot" has been released to the public from PSR today. The robot is handy at pretty much anything you can think of. It can wash your car, cook food(well within reason) fetch things for you, give you massages and it even talks, and guess whose voice it sounds like. Yup the queens, but it has 25 settings to change the voice to all the royal PSR celebs including Katy, Miranda blah blah. The robot is on the Platinum wear site and in all 3 stores for $4,999.99, yes its pricey, but the "PSR Bot" has sold over 200,000 units so far which is making it a success. No one received their order yet, since it just released today and people just started ordering it, so we have no reviews, but when people starts receiving their order, its a section on the PSR site for reviews on it so check back soon for details on the new PSR Bot. Click here to check out the articles and the hype on PSR's newest robot....

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