Wednesday, October 8, 2014

NiNi Posts Photos From Paris

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! Even queens need a break sometimes. Today NiNi posted pics to Instagram today showing her vacay in Paris. NiNi is off work for the next 4 days and will be returning Monday and she is enjoying her time off by cruising on her Yacht touring Paris. She took selfies of herself at the Eiffel Tower and other historical landmarks, including the spot where "Beatles" member John Lennon was killed. Sources say that NiNi's favorite place to go is Paris which is why she chose the spot for her vacay. NiNi went on Vacay 2 days ago, after finishing a show in Alaska, sources say it was unscheduled, but she said that she needs it, and we cant blame her. She looks happy, and she got some fans to join in her selfies and pose with her. Click here to check out all 122 pics she posted under the photo album "Vacay In Paris"

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