Sunday, October 26, 2014

Reggie And Fifth Harmony + LiV Splitting Up?

Reggie is ready to release her 1st PSR album, but before that, she released a new single called "Hold Up" which features Fifth Harmony. Its not 6 verses, the 5 girls basically provide background harmony vocals and combine sing during the chorus. The song is R&B/Hip-Hop produced by Jodeci and they all sing, and Reggie sounds pretty good with her singing. The song is dedicated to teenage and young girls on how to say "no" when pressured by men to have sex and it sends a positive message, and songs like that always get popular and it stole the number 1 spot on the charts. Reggie's first PSR album's title is still unknown at this point, but it is said to be releasing sometime early November and its highly anticipated. Fifth Harmony are also moving fast and gearing up to release their first album called "Plead The Fi5th" which is said to also be released in November. Click here to check out "Hold Up" by Reggie Ft Fifth Harmony. In other news, the R&B group LiV is said to be splitting up due to extreme tension among all of them. Alex is said to hate every member and Sasha is said to have already left. Sources say that they will release their first PSR album "God Sent" which releases December 5th and after that they are all signing solo PSR contracts. Of course all of this is just talk for now, but recently they were together on the red carpet and they looked extremely uncomfortable around each other, and even Sasha avoided any questions related to the others during her interview, so it may just be some truth to this. Are you guys upset that its a possibility that LiV may be breaking up?


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