Friday, October 24, 2014

Livin With Nini Season 3 Put On Delay

Season Two of "LWN" is complete, and the season finale Wednesday was super explosive and revealed some big secrets and TONS of unknown drama that actually goes down at PSR. The season finale, which was season 2 episode 30, is voted the most watched coming in just over 88 trillion viewers in a single night, and it was voted best episode as well. But sadly, the queen has been working super hard and is about to release 2 brand new movies, and she is also is working with her queen buddy to release their highly anticipated collab"Queen Mixtape" soon, and she also is gearing up for her "Legends" tour with Tinashe and China and preps for that begin early next month. So being that she is going to be super busy for the rest of this year, new episodes for Season 3 are being put on hold. We asked VH1 for comment and this is what the head rep had to say "Livin With NiNi" is the most successful reality show on our network and we will continue to air previous episodes of the show, but unfortunately, due to commitments that NiNi has, new episodes will not be filmed as of yet. We aren't exactly sure when new episodes will began filming, but we are hoping that we can start soon. However, please be advised the show is NOT canceled, it is just on a temporary break. As soon as we can get clearance from NiNi, we will begin filming new episodes for season 3" NiNi also spoke up on the delay of the show as well, she says that she will do her best to try and juggle everything she has coming up and still try to film episodes for the show, even if its just one episode every other week or month if she can, so we have some hope to hold on to. In the meantime, VH1 announced a "LWN" marathon which will be taking place on VH1 tomorrow starting at 11am-12am, that's 13 hours and it will be the entire 1st season and the entire second season, and all the bonus episodes. VH1 is also expected to premier the queens newest video during commercials which is the first single from their upcoming mixtape called "Got It" Be sure to tune into VH1 tomorrow at 11am, to catch the full day LWN marathon, so if you missed any episodes from either season, here's your chance to be completely caught up, no excuse.....How do you guys feel about "LWN" being on delay?

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