Sunday, April 14, 2013

NiNi's Song Has Made It To The Movies!

NiNi's new song "No Apologies" has made it to an upcoming movie and will be on the soundtrack! Its still unclear of what movie will be using the song but its a movie that is dropping in the middle of this year! Speaking of that song, it continues to do better and better and so far has sold over the unlimited mark and its only been a couple of weeks! The song is certified quadruple PLATINUM and is being played in almost EVERY country in the whole world and it is number 1 in every country that's playing it and fans cant get enough and the new nagging question is "When will the video be done?" Well NiNi has answered that question earlier today on her site and she said "Video coming on the 21st!" So obviously we have to wait for another week but that's OK because NiNi has alot going on to keep us occupied until that time comes such as being on the cover of this months Vogue Magazine, or being back to business (Yup her first show starts tonight and we cant wait!) and other things, so we would like to say congrats to NiNi! In other news, its a rumor floating that says 50 Cent has said that anyone who ever worked with or signed with PSR is at the bottom and they suck all because they are doing business with an unfit label. No word yet on if the story is true, but no one seems to care at all. Usually fans will be flipping and it will be all over the place, but lately 50 hasn't been as popular as he used to be and no one seems to care about what he says anymore. So is this true? Well when we find out we will let you know!

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johnny1 said...

wow congrats nini