Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Katy, Keri, Tamar, Miranda All Have Albums Coming! + NiNi Backs Out Of Pepsi!

Here's the rundown!
April 25th- Katy Perry (3rd PSR album)
April 28th- Keri Hilson (2nd PSR album)
May 2nd- Tamar Braxton (YUP I SAID HER ALREADY!) (1st PSR album)
May 5th- Miranda (3rd PSR album)
 Be on the lookout for these albums coming withing 1-2 weeks from now!
In other news, NiNi has backed out of her deal with Pepsi. Sources said that she was fired, but NiNi has confirmed that that is definitely NOT the case and she insists that she left on her own free will. Ever since NiNi announced that she will be taking a deal with Pepsi, many organizations were against it, mainly the ones who are against soda, but regardless NiNi still went ahead with it and did 2 commercials for them which both are airing next week, but now she has terminated her contract with Pepsi, so apparently she is starting to jump on board the "Soda is bad for you" campaign and maybe she decided she is sending out a bad message. Pepsi will still advertise her commercials next week as planned regardless though, they paid her for her commercials and its a done deal. But after NiNi left, they went looking for a new spokeswoman and they checked with the same label and they got Miley less than 2 hours after NiNi walked away, talk about interactive lol, so Miley is the new Pepsi spokeswoman congrats!

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johnny1 said...

damn that was fast tamar lol