Monday, April 15, 2013

NiNi's Show!

Last night, NiNi had her first show since coming back to work down in Mara, Japan at the Shi-Shi Music Stadium in front of over 90,000 screaming adoring Japanese fans. She totally killed it and even though we couldn't make it to Japan, we were lucky enough to have a fan record the entire thing from her phone and posted it on YouTube so you can click here to check out the explosive show with all the fireworks explosions sexy dances and of course every one's favorite, the comedy skit at the beginning. The public has been going nuts over this show and although this isn't NiNi's first show it is being claimed as her best one so far. She had so much energy and she out danced and out sung her queen buddy, but the most EXCITING part of the show came at 1 hour in when her and the other queen performed their new song "No Apologies" and they had the tupac hologram. That right there made us pissed that we couldn't make it lol. Anyways the song started with the lights dimmed and the explosions lit things up and fireworks went all in the sky and B came out dressed like tupac she was very accurate in how she looked even down to his famous "Thug Life" tattoo on his stomach which was on her stomach and she even had her bandanna to the front like how he wore his and she came out and immediately everyone screamed and cheered as they already knew what was going on. She tried to talk like him but her girl voice didn't go too deep which is fine but she did a pretty good impression of him. She said "Yo, I'm riding with the queens, well really they are riding with me 2-p-a-c its thug life baby!" Immediately the crowd went crazy and an explosion went off and tupac came and stood beside her and once again the crowd went so loud and the beat dropped and NiNi came out and all 3 murdered it and at the end they both hugged the hologram and the strange thing is that it hugged them back and B gave it a kiss on the cheek and the hologram actually spoke in 2pac's voice saying "These my girls, show love or go home" Then the hologram disappeared into a cloud of smoke and the women stood there as the crowd gave them the loudest standing ovation ever. It was creepy as ever but a very good performance and it was the best performance of the night. The show lasted  around 3 hours and every second of it was enjoyable! Congrats to the queens!