Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Zendaya Drops New Song + Keke Comes Back Blasting!

Today new PSR artist Zendaya dropped a new song titled "God Made Me Beautiful" its a great song dedicated to the big guy upstairs and its not a religious freak kind of song but it is a really cool song. Zendaya has been with PSR a little over a month now and so far she has dropped 10 highly successful songs including 5 hits and this is another hit added to her belt. Its receiving very positive reviews and we like it too we give it a 10. Click here to check out "God Made Me Beautiful'' by Zendaya. In other news, yesterday Keke told us she has some bomb new material in store for us but we weren't expecting it so soon. Today she dropped a new song also titled "Am I Wrong" which features the legendary TUPAC! The song exploded onto the charts within 10 minutes after it released and it knocked everyone below her including NiNi. The song is rap of course but has some pop thrown in as well and its a bomb song we say its Keke's best song ever and we aren't the only ones, the PSR crew and the industry feels the same way. She announced a video will be made for it and she also announced a collab with Nicki Minaj so we smell more fire coming. Click here to check out "Am I Wrong" by Keke Palmer Ft TUPAC!

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