Monday, November 25, 2013

Cymphonique And Kat Linked Together + Keke Returns To PSR

We all know most of the women at PSR are into women, and although it was a shock when Kat came out the closet announcing that she is a lesbian late last year, we weren't too shocked as most of the women on PSR are either lesbian or bisexual, in fact its very few straight women on the label, and Cymphonique is no different, she came out announcing her bisexual status early this year and once again we weren't too surprised, but today we are sort of surprised because Kat and Cymphonique are said to be dating. Cymphonique's 21st birthday just rolled around last week and the two were spotted hanging out all over each other, a picture is worth a thousand words, and ever since tthen the two are constantly linked to each other, but as far as a real confirmation we don't know since neither one is speaking on their relationship or how far the relationship goes. One thing that is for sure tho is the fact that they are banking heavily on this because ever since this story broke they have both got more popular and both their material has sold higher then ever, yeah thanks to all of you perverts out there lol. We cant confirm a real relationship everything is just speculation so therefore its in rumor status but they are super close dating or not but of course you don't have to be dating  to be close, so when we find out more we will let you guys know! Speaking of them two they have a new song out together titled "Fall In Love" which just adds fuel to the fire, but its a great song produced by Drew Sidora. Click here to check out "Fall In Love" By Kat Ft Cymphonique. In other news, KeKe Palmer has returned to PSR and made over 62 million fans happy, even PSR said they are happy to have her back and she made piece with her ex enemies which were Miley Cyrus, The Omg Girlz and Miranda Cosgrove and everyone welcomed her back and many of  the artists would like to collab. Keke made this statement saying "I don't think I ever was gone just on a break but I needed that break and it changed me because I have learned to respect people and chill with my attitude I think that break is just what I needed and NiNi knew I needed it so I really appreciate her even more for sending me on a self awareness journey that lady is a genius" Sources say KEKE is right back to work and although she was busy starring in a movie on TLC's life, music is her number one passion and she says she has many new dope songs that she is sure we will love. Sources also say that Keke is doing 1000% better then ever and NiNi IS very proud of her and she is on her grind. We actually missed Keke too, our opinion, PSR just isn't the same without her. She announced a new song coming tomorrow so be on the lookout for that, we will! Also tomorrow NiNi is scheduled to attend court for copyright, we will let you guys know all the details tomorrow!

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