Wednesday, November 27, 2013

NiNi Drops New Song!

NiNi has been competing with everyone lately, and she's even competing with her own artists. Everyone that drops a new song and beats her on the charts,  she drops a new song to take her spot back. Yesterday Keke dropped a new song with 2pac and it knocked NiNi down to number 3, and today she took her spot back with a new song Ft K.Michelle,T.Marie Letoya Luckett and Ashanti titled 'On My Brand New" The song stole the number 1 spot within 1  hour after its release and its the new talk of the industry. Not that Keke's new song is not still dominating the industry, but NiNis new song is the new talk of the town and all the queen is doing is getting her name bigger. This song is very dope and all women do amazing on the song especially K.Michelle and Letoya. The song is edgy pop mixed with RAP and some R&B thrown in and its beyond bomb. NiNi raps in the song like Twista she goes so fast you really have to pay attention to keep up with her and the other ladies sing. We give this song a definite 10 stars. Click here to check out "On My Brand New" by NiNi Ft K.Michelle, T.Marie, Latoya Luckett and Ashanti. In other news, Ke$ha has released her 4th PSR album today titled "Die Young" Ke$ha is the ultimate pop artist and her album is full pop although she does have a rap song with Big Sean, but regardless the album is great and we feel this is her best album. The album features Katy Perry, Kat, Big Sean, Monica Spears, OMG Girlz, Zendaya, Keyshia Cole, Lil Wayne, Avril Lavigne and Prince (Yes I said Prince) Surprisingly No nInI though, although NiNI is one of the producers on the album.....The album dropped around 6am this morning and so far has sold over 977 million copies her highest amount ever, which increases her royal status through the roof, The album is available on her site, the PSR site and iTunes for $9.99 click here to purchase "Die Young" by Ke$ha" Also the PSR album and Solo's album released and I know you guys are waiting on a review of those albums, I'm sorry I haven't gotten around to it but I promise I will I haven't forgotten about you guys, but they both are 10 stars! Now its off to NiNi's show, since it takes us over 5 hours to get to NJ, Once again we will let you guys know all the sexy details! PeaCE~! PS Kat and Cymphonique have both confirmed that they are in fact NOT dating they are just friends sorry I know how much you guys wanted that to be true!

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