Saturday, November 23, 2013

Nini Denies Stealing Song

Yesterday rock and roll female artist Sarah Mitchell accused Nini of stealing her song and renaming it "Riding Dirty" today nini has spoke up on it and she said. "I don't even know who she is how can I steal her song I'm sorry but I don't listen to rock too much. Many people the beats sound similar honestly I don't even hear that and I listened to it over and over so whatever but she's so certain I stole her shit when I made it clear many times that I don't steal anything all my work is original not trying to brag but why do I even need to steal anything especially rock come on. When she was asked if she's going to court she responded. I guess I don't have a choice she's dragging me to court and wasting a full day of my life but I bet she won't win because anyone who is smart enough can tell off top its nothing similar about them two songs" Sarah had also responded saying people use my stuff all the time but not to make money or get rich just maybe as a freestyle or whatever but she literally made at least 50 gs off that song I mean I should get at least 50% of that since its mine where's my cut when you don't cut the original Artist you're asking for trouble with copyright royal or not she can get me my cut and we good or if not the courts can make her give me my cut whatever way she wanna go that's not a threat its a fact sorry but I don't work or loan for free. Do you guys smell a mini beef developing here. We will let you know more when this story develops!

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