Wednesday, November 27, 2013

NiNi Is Back On Her Show Business!

NiNi and her getting more popular by the second queen buddy are back on stage after 3 weeks of doing separate things concerning their new material. Their first show begins in Newark NJ at the prudential center tonight at 8pm sharp. Sources say that there will many guest appearances on stage with the queens from PSR and Columbia but we haven't found out exactly who yet. Sources estimate that being that NiNi has been all over the place lately more then ever due to her sick promotion and new mixtape its over 1 million people in attendance which is both of their biggest crowd ever. Tickets sold out literally in 4 seconds and there is no more left, so hope you guys got tickets since it was announced last night. We will get you the details. Although its storming in New Jersey at the moment the two decided not to cancel the show so don't listen to the rumors the show is still on. See you guys there! Lately NiNi has been very overworked due to her boss duties as well as her head CEO duties as well as her artist duties but she continues to leave her mark in the music world, and we are very proud of her!

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