Monday, May 27, 2013

Where Is NiNi?????? + Beith Is A Business Man?!?

For the past two weeks, NiNi has not been seen or heard from by anyone. Her artists report that she hasn't showed up for work, and her tour buddy B has reported she has been solo with the ending of their tour for over 2 weeks. NiNi was scheduled for an important meeting and press conference last week, something she wouldn't miss for the world, and If she did she would call, but she didn't show to the meeting and she didn't call either. Fans are wondering where the queen is, and so are her artists, who have been continuing to work but state that they feel worried about her as it is unlike her to not show up or call. Rumor says that Russel Simmons was so worried that he put out a missing persons report for NiNi, and police have been searching for her day and night checking her home her hang out spots and other places she may be with no luck. So the nagging question in everyone's head is "WHERE IS NINI?" Stay tuned for more info! In other news we got word that NiNi's husband Beith is a business man investing in the cell company simple mobile and the owner of simple mobile has confirmed that he is a partner and he attends the meetings and helps with ideas for new cell phones and plans. Word says that he even is in the process of creating a new phone which will be named "The B Phone" we would like to say congrats to Beith and we wish him luck!

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johnny1 said...

yeah I haven't been hearing from her at all lately hope ur ok nini