Monday, May 6, 2013

Mary Throws A Diss To Beith! + Queens Show + NiNi's Interview

Well this is a story that has been gaining circulation since early this morning. MJB (Or Mary J Blige as you all know her as) Took a direct shot at Beith's credibility as a husband. Check out what she said. "I feel that many men shouldn't be able to call themselves husbands, it takes a real man to call themselves a husband, just like it takes a real woman to be able to call themselves a wife, wearing a ring and saying I do doesn't make you a good wife or husband, its your actions that counts" Then when the interviewer asked her "Everyone says that next to Beyoncé and Jay-Z, Nini and her husband is the most powerful marriage in Hollywood, do you feel that to be true? She replied "I feel she is a good wife, but he isn't a good husband, that's why I feel she was forced to resort to other measures as in find someone else who can satisfy her better, most women don't cheat just for the hell of it, its usually always a reason, so since she did what she did he obviously gave her a reason, and if a man gives you a reason to actually cheat, you cant be all that good, and I feel he isn't, that's my opinion, I think I can do a better job with her If I really wanted to" Although the media isn't blowing this up like they do with NiNi's stories, it still is in many media outlets and magazines. NiNi nor Beith have responded. Click here to check out her full interview! In other news, its been a while since I reported on the queens show, so here's one from last night complete with many sexy outfits, guest performers and plenty of crowns, bumblebees and bee buzzing sounds. The two queens made a trip back to Georgia for this one at the music hall palace in front of 82,000 fans, click,here to check out the entire 3 hour performance (warning, some scenes of the show are graphic and both women use obscene language, and many parents may not want young children to watch, we wont say to be 18 and over but we will say proceed with caution, when we say they went sexy hard we mean they went really SEXY HARD, view at your own risk!) Also, just days after NiNi did her famous interview with Oprah, she did a new interview with BET talking about pretty much everything, click here to check it out!