Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Princess Pulls A Cassie + NiNi's Husband Fights Jeezy!

Princess, ex female member of Crime Mob has in many people's eyes, crossed the line today after an interview where she pulled what many people are naming "A Cassie" Check out what she said! The interviewer asked her who is her biggest crush and she smiled and said "Beith, That's been my crush for the longest, I used to go over his house and I remember he always smells so good, and he looks really hot in a beater, this was like 2005 and that's 8 years ago, and the crush is still here, it ain't going anywhere, its getting stronger, come fuck with me daddy (laughs)" Although, she didn't go nowhere near as hard as Cassie did, she has generated much negative comments and reactions from the  public who is calling her disrespectful and heartless. Princess has not responded to all the negative criticism, but many of NiNi's friends have took to twitter to defend the two, check out the Twitter comments here. NiNi has not responded as of yet. In other news, speaking of Beith, he has been in the news for the first time since we first heard about him due to a fight with Rapper Young Jeezy in downtown Dallas TX. Sources say that Beith was with a woman and somehow started fighting with Jeezy after he arrived in a limo, other sources say he was alone, but one thing is for sure, there was a fight and a fan captured the entire thing on video, and Beith sent Jeezy to the hospital in a coma, and broke his hand on his face. But afterwards, everyone turned on Beith once the cops arrived and said he started it and Beith was arrested right there on the spot, but he was swinging at the officers and eventually they sprayed him with mase to calm him down, and threw him in back of the police car. A few hours later he was released and that's the last thing we know, but we are told that Jeezy is in a coma. We still arent sure what the fight was about. This is still a developing story, so check me out later!