Friday, May 10, 2013

NiNi Faces Heat For Her Controversial New Song

Yesterday, NiNi dropped a new song which is her first new song she dropped since her album dropped in March. The song is called "Gimme Dat" and it features Tamar Braxton, Demi Lavato and Rita Ora. NiNi seems to be speaking on many  things that has been going on lately and seems to be taking shots at some of the ones who have been talking such as Cassie, Ramon, MJB and KC, but it hasn't been confirmed If shes taking shots or not. The song is a huge success in the industry and has hit number 2 in less than 2 hours after it released right under "No Apologies" which has been at number 1 for a month now. But despite its success, she is facing controversy for it by saying something along the lines of  "Undisputed, heavyweight slashing through your kids do that everyday you very late send you on your merry way" That particular line has offended some people as many feel that she shouldn't be talking about slashing kids because 1 she has kids of her own, and 2 she has many kids who look up to her, and she says she loves kids. But NiNi quickly reached out which is something she never does, and she apologized for her offensive lyrics and insists that she meant nothing by it. Click here to check out the amazing song "Gimme Dat"

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johnny1 said...

I love that song I see nothing wrong with it its just a song people god