Wednesday, September 11, 2013

NiNi's Ex Boyfriend Speaks Up

Sorry for the long delay guys, I have been having problems with the site. But you guys really didn't miss much as NiNi hasn't been to work most of this time, no new songs have released and Kat's birthday album on the 5th has been pushed to a later date. The news today is NiNi's ex boyfriend by the name of Terry Black who did an interview with Sun Magazine and admitted to cheating on her more then 7 times through the course of their relationship. He says him and the singer were dating from the time she was 13 until 17 and within that time he slept with other women, and he says that throughout it all he feels NiNi still loves him. He said "I remember we used to always get into it about everything even at that young age, and NiNi strongly believed in no sex before marriage, and I respected that, but still I'm still a man, and when the opportunity presented itself it just happened, how can anyone cheat on a beautiful woman like her, who would want too? Unfortunately I'm the man who did and it will haunt me forever, but I still love her and I feel she still does too despite everything else". He also spoke on drifting apart after her career took off as well as her husband and how he is happy for the two no matter what and called their relationship powerful and beautiful. he said "When her career really started blowing up, I knew we were losing each other, NiNi was a star before she was a star she was always doing something and she really didn't have time for me, when I saw her with Beith I knew I had no chance of ever winning her back, and I just have to respect that he's a lucky guy, I think they go good together its a powerful combination with those two and I'm happy for them, but regardless I will always be haunted by my actions with her, I was young and dumb and I'd do anything to correct all my wrongs with her because she really is a great woman" . NiNi herself sort of mentioned him early last year where she said "When I was 12 or 13 I had my first boyfriend and that lasted for a while, but at that age its not serious but it was serious to us, but I didn't have sex with him, which may account for the reason of his dirt, and then I met my husband which was only my second boyfriend at the time, and I married him, and I'm happy I've only had 2 boyfriends throughout my entire life" It is said that NiNi's 2012 song "I Don't Want You" is dedicated to her ex boyfriend Terry. Meanwhile NiNi seems to be unfazed by Terry's statements as she is getting ready to release her 4th PSR mixtape and she is back in action with a double show tonight to make up for lost time, although she did post on her site saying "Smh" We aren't sure if that is a reference to him or something else. Click here to check out his full interview!


johnny1 said...

damn johnny u took long enough lol but nini got taste cuz that man is so sexy I wouldn't mind making him my baby if he single

johnny1 said...

man get your desperate ass outta here

johnny1 said...

I agree with u girl she really does have great taste in men