Saturday, September 28, 2013

Katy Perry's 1ST Single Releases + NiNi Released

Despite everything that has been going on, Katy has kept her word and released her first single off her new album which is due October 25th titled "Eye Of The Tiger" Its a combo mix of Pop and Rock and she is by herself and its a really good song with a powerful message gaining much positive reviews. Click here to check out "Eye Of The Tiger" By Katy Perry. PSR has been on a sort of standstill since the incident last week and not much music or anything else has been coming, and even NiNi 's new mixtape has been pushed back, so has Kat's album, but today management says everything is back on track and all of the artists are ready to get back to work on their grind, so we should expect lots of new material coming quote "very soon" In other news, today NiNi was released from prison, but before that she was taken to the doctor and the doctors confirmed that she was in a state of shock as this happened right in front of her eyes but they said they gave her a shot a benzium corhydrate and she is much better. She was picked up by her uncle Ye who shielded her face from the hundreds of cameras out front trying to get a statement and they hopped into the limo and no one heard from her. Then 3 hours later she posted on her site for the first time in almost a month and she wrote "I had a crazy bizarre little night, I had to do some searching and I'm finally realizing that this job may not be for me *Sigh* I love you guys but I think I'm going to retire soon, don't worry I will leave you guys much new material but I think 2014 is my last year, No shows for me tonight maybe not tomorrow either so B sweetie will you hold it down for me please I just need to be home alone right now" B responded an hour later posting 'You know I will girlie just get some rest" She refused to answer any questions about India all she said was 'I hope she is OK she's a hard worker and has everything right on time, so no she is not fired she is still an artist she just needs to get her shit together but if she stops taking her medicine again she wont be that's all I'm gonna say" So looks like NiNi will be off until Monday if you have tickets for the queens show tonight in ATL still go at least you get to see one. No one at PSR is answering any questions regarding India or the incident, that's how PSR gets down for one of their own.... Rest up NiNi, hope you feel better Monday!

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